Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and the community of people who receive the produce. Members purchase a share (usually before the growing season begins) and in return receive a weekly supply of fresh seasonal produce.


12 week option: $225
24 week option: $450
Pre-packed bags with $20/value

Delivery Locations

Nellysford (RVCC)
Belmont (Onesty Water Park)

Delivery Day


Start Date

May 19th

Shares Available


Signing up or Whisper Hill CSA is the best way to receive a diverse array of seriously fresh and delicious produce.  We pack $20/bags for shareholders each week with 6-7 different items in your bag.  

If you need to skip a week, we require that you give us 48 hour notice to maintain your credit. 

We send out weekly updates on what is going to be packed in your share along with a bi-monthly newsletter.