Community Supported Agriculture



*NEW IN 2024*

Pen Park Market

1300 Pen Park Road, Charlottesville VA

Wednesdays, May - September
3 - 7 PM 


Half Share

Pay $225
Receive $250 in credit

Full Share

Pay $450
Receive $500 in credit

Our 2024 CSA Program is a unique CSA experience where you get to pick exactly what you want and when you want on Wednesdays starting in May.  We attend the Pen Park Market where we have a market stand set-up that CSA members can select the produce they want from week to week.


The cost of membership is the same for each location. A full share costs $450 and you will receive $500 of credit, and a half share costs $225 and you will receive $250 of credit. Each purchase you make will be deducted from your balance on our ledger.


Shareholders can spend their credit any way they would like to at the Pen Park Market and have 22 weeks to use up their credit.  


That means you can use your money towards spring plants, bulk tomatoes, hoards of your favorite vegetables, you name it-if it's in our market stand, it's available.  

How much produce can I expect?
The great advantage to our CSA is that you get to choose exactly what you want from week to week.  There are no limitations!
For a list of vegetables grown and their availability, click here.  
How does the Market style work?
It's quite simple.  You shop like you would a customer at a market stand.  We calculate the price of the produce you have selected and the dollar amount of your purchase will be deducted from your balance in our ledger.
What if I go on vacation?
No problem!  By doing a ledger system, you don't have to worry about missing out on a share if you miss a week.  Your balance only changes if you shop with us at the Pen Park Market.  You have 22 weeks to spend your credit, so you get to determine how you want to use it!
Can I split my share with a friend?
Absolutely! Just leave a note when signing up to let us know who will be attending the market to use the credit being purchased, whether you are sharing with a friend or purchasing the share for someone else. Look for "Add a note for the seller” on the checkout page.
What if I run out of credit during the market season?
You have three options:
1) Continue shopping with us as a regular customer
2) Purchase another half share for $225 ($250 credit on your account)
3) Simply add more money to your ledger in $100 increments

To sign up, click the button below to be taken to our Square website where you can purchase a share. You will be prompted to select a full or half share.