Holly Hammond  Originally from Arizona, Holly has been farming most of her life. Growing up with 5 sisters and 1 brother on an 80 acre u-pick vegetable farm, Holly’s love of growing food was cultivated at a young age. After going through some personal changes, which included taking a complete year off from farming, she’s excited to be back at it! One of her greatest delights is sharing a meal with others and experiencing others excitement of tasty veggies!
When she’s not growing food, she can be found baking up treats, wood block carving, playing volleyball, or just resting from all the farm work she accomplished!

Farming Practices

We endeavor to be good stewards of the land through sustainable and organic practices. To be sustainable, we consider the ecological, agricultural, economic, domestic, and neighborly implications of our practices. We recognize and accept the limits brought on by these implications. Valuing the land as a gift, we are committed to using it with care, conserving the soil life and other creatures that make up the living network that sustains us. In essence, we strive to respect the grace and mystery of life.

Because of this commitment, we use organic methods and are USDA certified organic. All of our crops are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms.

We use compost, hay mulch, crop rotation, and cover crops to create and maintain healthy soil and plants. These practices feed the soil with increased organic matter and biological activity, releasing nutrients to the crops that follow.

The size of our farm allows the practice of hand weeding/cultivation. Since we don't use plastic mulch, we pay close attention to timely weeding and irrigation.

After transplanting a field, we immediately place row covers over top to limit insect pressure, while creating an ideal environment for plants to thrive.